Say hello to Ecord, the first “personal social network”, which allows you to connect your worlds how you choose. With family, friends, school and work commitments, managing your time and information becomes more important every day. It has never been easier with the unique Ecord tools. The calendar allows you to manage personal, family, work and school schedules and you choose who sees any message, picture, announcement or appointment while posting.

Ecord offers the user complete control of who sees pictures, messages or announcements during the easy to use posting process. You can also quickly add appointments, events and tasks to the calendar to help manage your busy schedule.

Ecord makes tracking and managing family activities as simple as a mouse click. Whether it is the kid’s soccer schedule or a family wedding Ecord has the tools to organize and keep your activities on schedule.

Ecord makes staying in contact with and scheduling you group’s activities simple. You can send messages or announcements to all members or a selected sub group. You can schedule large or small events using the Calendar. The confirmation tools allow you to quickly determine who has accepted the invitation for planning purposes.

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